COP26: Patti Smith to perform at Glasgow concert ahead of climate summit

A special concert, featuring music legend Patti Smith, is to be held in Glasgow ahead of the COP26 climate summit.

What is the concert?

Pathways to Paris - which was launched in 2015 ahead of a summit in the French capital - is being held in Glasgow with the aim of highlighting the importance of the Paris Agreement.

The event will feature musicians, artists, thinkers and policymakers, and will serve as a call to action, urging nations to meet the climate targets.

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    Who will be performing?

    Patti Smith - whose daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, co-founded the group - will be joined by Bill McKibben, Soundwalk Collective and more on the bill.

    When and where is the concert?


    The concert will be held at the Theatre Royal on October 31, beginning at 7.30pm.

    How do I get tickets?

    Tickets are priced at £24.40 and can be purchased on the AGT Tickets website.

    How do I find out more?

    To learn more about the concert, visit