Councillor expresses shock at £12,000 quote for wildflowers

A councillor has expressed shock at a £12,000 quote to plant wildflowers in the Baillieston area.

A local councillor expressed shock after she was quoted £12,000 for a 1,000m patch of wildflowers (Getty Images)

Councillor Elaine Ballantyne raised concern about the price at the Baillieston Area Partnership meeting yesterday.

There is £54,900 council cash available to spend on sprucing up parks and other spaces in the East End ward.

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SNP Baillieston councillor Ballantyne said: “You can get wildflower seeds for nothing.”

The committee was presented with options on how to invest the money from the council’s local parks and open space Improvement fund.

One option was for wildflowers and bulbs at Balado Road and Langbar Crescent for £12,000. The planting would cover 1000 metres.

There was another proposal for wildflower and bulb planting at Wellhouse Road costing £6,000 to cover 500 metres.

Council official Alexander Paterson said procurement regulations are in place, which control how supplies are bought.

Mr Paterson told the meeting wildflower plug plants are used.

The decisions on spend will be continued until a later date to allow for site walkarounds to take place and to get feedback from community councils.

Baillieston Main Street could see about 30 new containers with pollinator plants installed costing £12,960. There is also a proposal to install six benches in the Main Street for £2,700.

Other projects lined up for investment include paths and landscaping works at Garrowhill Park costing £4643. And Dalreoch Avenue would see two benches and shrub beds put in place costing £1,500.

A report to the meeting said the Glasgow City Council budget for this financial year allocated £1.5 million to area partnerships across the city for investment in parks and open spaces.