Queen-elect Lacey is looking forward to her new role

Lacey Steele, 11, has been announced as the latest Queen-elect for the 2024 Lanark Lanimer celebrations.

The youngster from New Lanark Primary School learnt of the news in a telephone call.

Following what is thought to have been a historic first in the history of Lanimers Day, the previously selected Queen-elect had stepped down from the role for personal reasons.

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The committee quickly reconvened and Lacey was chosen to take on the important tasks of Lanimer Queen for the year ahead.

Aimee will now take on the role of Chief Maid.Aimee will now take on the role of Chief Maid.
Aimee will now take on the role of Chief Maid.

Lacey, who lives at home with mum Lynn, dad James and sister Lana, 15, was delighted to learn of her appointment.

Lynn said: “It was initially a bit of a shock, but we are all delighted, a bit choked and overwhelmed that it’s all happened so suddenly.

"We’ve lived in Lanark for around 10 years now, and both girls have always played an important role in Lanimers Day, they’ve grown up with it through nursery and primary schools.

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"Throughout the years they have been on floats, been Maids of Honour, and Flower Girls. Their aunty Sharon Hamilton was a previous Queen and also been a Crowning Lady. So Lanimers really is an integral part of the family for a very long time.”

Lacey enjoys rollerskating and swimming, and regularly travels to Glasgow for roller disco sessions.

Lynn also commented: “We understand it must have been a difficult decision for Sasha and her family to make, and would like to wish them well for the future.”

The Lanark Lanimer Committee has also announce that Aimee Watson from Kirkfieldbank Primary School has been selected by Lanimer Queen Elect Lacey to be one of her Chief Maids in this year’s Lanimer Court, while Rosie Jardine from Lanark Grammar School will join the 2024 Lanimer Court as a Lady in Waiting.

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