Back to that 80s vibe

Many of my contemporaries like to bump their gums and whine about the dearth of music, post punk, we had to endure following the 70s.

They point out that the 80s were all about stadium rock and bad perms: and, sadly, they have a point.

But how cool was British music during the 80s?

While America almost drowned in spandex, we were rocking to the sounds of The Smiths, the Psychedelic Furs — and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Yes for every sour note there is a beautiful aria of sounds to be treasured.

Sadly, The Smiths are no more; the Psychedelic Furs morphed into Love Spit Love (and had a hit with an old Smiths track, How Soon Is Now, which featured in horror flick The Craft and was the theme tune to TV’s Charmed) before returning and reforming the Furs.

But you can’t keep a good Bunny down and so it is that Ian McCulloch and his entourage are back — if they ever went away.

Most people instantly recognise The Killing Moon and the Doors cover People Are Strange — from the film The Lost Boys.

But the band had many a hit during the 80s with The Cutter, The Back of Love and Bring on the Dancing Horses.

Now they’re bringing that sensational back catalogue to Glasgow — for one night only.

If you missed the 80s, you may want to check out why Brits were okay with the decade.

And check out the Bunnymen’s new sound as they are highlighting their new album, Meteorites, on this tour.

Echo & The Bunnymen play Glasgow’s O2 ABC on Wednesday, Dec ember 3.

Tickets cost £26.50 from 0141 332 2232.

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