Check those wiper blades for safe driving

Drivers ignoring or forgetting to change their car’s wiper blades are putting their own and other’s live at risk.

In fact, according to a new survey by Halfords, two thirds of drivers do not know when to change their wiper blades and 16% wait till a garage mechanic tells them to change the blades, even though faulty or worn blades is an MoT failure point.

Wiper blades in good condition are essential in winter weather when there is more rain and dirt on the windscreen.

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Keeping the windscreen clear and clean allows the driver to see properly and spot hazards earlier to deal with them safely.

Paul Tomlinson from Halfords said: “Poor visibility doesn’t just make driving in the rain unpleasant and more tiring, but failing to see a hazard quickly slows your reaction time.

This can add several car lengths to your stopping distance and make the difference between avoiding a collision and not.

“As soon as a wiper begins to smear rather than clear your windscreen, it is past its best and should be changed.

“Modern flat wiper blades don’t screech on the windscreen, so drivers listening for this audible warning are likely to miss the signs that their blades aren’t cutting it anymore.”

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