Chills ahead at Govanhill Baths ghost hunt

Fascinated by things that go bump in the night? Then you could be in for a terrifying treat later this month.

Investigative team Lanarkshire Paranormal are back at Govanhill Baths for another round of ghost hunting - and members of the public are invited along to see if they can spot any spooks.

Campaigners are still raising money through arts and community events in the hope of restoring the Edwardian pool to its former glory - and proceeds from the September 26 event will go towards the Govanhill Baths Community Trust fund.

But there’s more to Lanarkshire Paranormal’s visits than fundraising, with regular reports of spooky goings on in the building, which was used as a mortuary during the Second World War.

Investigator Janice Murdoch-Richards told The Extra: “In Govanhill Baths, we’re guaranteed to hear bumps, bangs, footsteps - all sorts of things - and we don’t fake any of it.

“One of our friends made a video for us last year, and you can clearly see a black shadowy man - a figure who has been seen in the Baths many times - standing at the bottom of the room.

“There are lots of strange mists floating about too, and doors opening on their own. It’s a great, spooky place and that really adds to the atmosphere when the lights go out.”

Would-be ghost hunters are split into teams and sent off with investigators to different locations around the building, where they attempt to speak to any lingering spirits - the teams then meet up for a tea or coffee and a chat, before it’s lights out again and on to another room.

Janice added: “The night goes in really quickly and we always have a laugh with it. The men scream louder than the women.

“It’s a brilliant venue and once you’ve investigated it once, you’ll be desperate to do another. We now have people who come to every event.”

Interested in experiencing some paranormal activity? The investigation runs 9pm-3am on Saturday, September 26 and tickets priced £30, are available from

The Extra will be there covering anything that goes bump in the night — so watch this space for a full ghost report.

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