Dream gig for Colonel

Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 are one of those rare bands that can’t easily be pigeonholed — for which live gig fans can be thankful.

They’re singers, musicians, songwriters and entertainers, appealing to fans of all ages from toddlers to teens, couples to grannies.

They’ve played outdoor rockfests from Savifest to Wickerman and are equally well-favoured among the clubbing fraternity, headlining at some of the city’s coolest rock spots.

They’ve been on the live scene for yonks and released albums for indie music fans and for kiddies, too.

But there’s one stage that until now remained a distant and elusive dream gig — headlining at the world’s favourite concert venue;— Barrowland Ballroom.

“We’ve always dreamed of gigging at The Barras,” said frontman John (the Colonel) McAlindon.

“I can’t wait to stand on stage at Barrowland and get the chance to experience that rare and surreal view, looking out at a steaming mob of fans, bouncing up and down on that brilliant sprung floor.

“I have to pinch myself every time I think about it.”

The number of times I’ve queued up under the flashing neon sign, getting goose bumps in anticipation of a brilliant gig.”

Since opening as the venue for Simple Minds Waterfront single, Barrowland has been the favourite gig of bands from Alice Cooper to The Zutons.

It has been lauded by worldclass acts, not least Shirley Manson of Garbage and Goodbye Mr McKenzie. Shirley even wrote the foreword of The Extra’s freelance reporter and author Nuala Naughton’s book Barrowland: A Glasgow Experience.

Savifest, December 13, 6pm start. Tickets £10.