Feel the love at home

Romance is a funny old thing; it can sneak up on you, hit you like a thunderbolt, or just be tantalisingly out of reach, but there’s one place where it’s all too easy to feel the love - at home.

Rooms which are cosy, cherishing and cosseting are as good as a hug on a cold winter’s day, while those dressed with tactile ‘touch-me’ textures and sensual curves seduce the senses.

Similarly, while love comes in all shapes and sizes, so do settings, and there are several looks to fall for.

If all things amour set your heart racing, be inspired this February 14 and use the red of those classic love tokens, hearts and roses, as a decor cue. Pastel pinks and pretty touches are for those with a head-over-heels crush on fashionable boudoir style, while neutral tones, embellished with decorative accents, have a timeless appeal.

So don’t wait for love to come knocking - simply romance the rooms!