Get it while you can

Fresh from a 5-star run at the Fringe, the fabby Angela Darcy returns to the Tron as the music legend that is Janis Joplin.

Written by Glasgow pensmith and stalwart of the Wildcat Theatre Peter Arnott, and directed by Olivier Award winning director Cora Bissett, in this tribute to the “goddess of rock”, actor Angela truly steps up to the plate.

Darcy teases out a tenuous thread of the loneliness of the solo artiste surrounded by every blues rock star’s fantasy Boogie Band; steeped in the love of adoring fans; lauded by pundits worldwide — yet one of the loneliest women on the planet.

After overdosing on heroin in 1970 at the height of free love, flower power and floppy hats, Joplin joined Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cubain and, much later, welcomed Amy Winehouse into the 27 Club — the coolest line-up of musical geniuses who all died at the age of 27.

Darcy is no stranger to playing Joplin as she belted out what her friend and director Bissett described as a “jawdropping” performance as Joplin under the direction of Bissett in the stage performance

No doubt, diehard fans will be divided as to which play dug deeper in seeking to portray the soul of the iconic yet tormented star. And, doubtless, the Tron bar after each performance will be abuzz with fans and reviewers, jostling to display their in-depth knowledge of back-stage Joplin, thus underpinning why their take on the show trumps the hand.