Restaurant Review: no wonder my happy tummy sings

Restaurant owners are always searching for the next big thing.

Desperate to stay ahead of the curve, proprietors latch on to any fad that comes along, hoping that they will not get left behind.

However, when done well, there is nothing better than a classic.

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Despite being one of the newest restaurants on the block, Volare Italian Grill is relying on traditional food and hospitality to rise above the competition.

Launched by the same brothers behind La Fiorentina, it opened in February and has been bustling ever 

Even on the weekday night when I visited the restaurant, Volare was full to the brim.

The atmosphere is great, only enhanced by the rustic interior and friendly, authentic service.

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It’s not sedate, it’s not placid — it’s somewhere to go and enjoy the food, which is just as authentic and enjoyable.

I started with pan-seared king scallops, sauteed in garlic butter, fresh parsley and white wine with a touch of lemon juice, and served with a slice of garlic bread.

The scallops were delicious when smothered in the home-style sauce created by the wine and butter.

For my main, I managed to sample two of the chef’s choices; fettuccine al filetto and fusilli principessa.

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While the former was delicious — tender beef, fresh pasta, garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes, wild mushrooms and San Marzano Neapolitan sauce — the latter was my favourite; pasta twirls tossed in a sauce made with chicken breast, Parma ham, white wine, petit pois, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and cream.

The apple pie to top it all off was just as good.

It’s great to see a place of this high calibre launching in Newton Mearns, which hasn’t seen a traditional trattoria of the same style since the closure of Ayr Road’s Avicii Romana many years ago.

Rating: 8/10


222 Ayr Road

Newton Mearns

G77 6DR

Tel: 0141 639 4018