Theftivals: One in five Scots are victim of festival theft

New figures just released have found that one in five people (20%) in Scotland have been victims of theft at a UK festival, with the average amount of stolen goods amounting to £126 per person.

Some 29% of the people who have had items stolen have had so from their person, while theft hot spots included onsite accommodation (53%) and their cars parked onsite (18%).

The research by Together Mutual Insurance comes as 1.9 million Brits are confirmed as attending a UK festival in 2017 with numbers expected to rise due to the weak pound discouraging travel abroad.

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Must-grab festival items for thieves include mobile phones (11%), cash (11%) and cameras (6%).

When it comes to reporting thefts, almost two thirds (65%) of people from Scotland took time to inform the festival authorities or police in a last ditched attempt to catch the thief.

The study also asked Scots to name which UK festivals they had been to, with T in the Park coming in at number one.

The top five was:

T in the Park (48%)

Reading (15%)

Creamfields (14%)

V Festival (8%)

Jon Craven, CEO of Together Mutual Insurance, who commissioned the survey, said: “Our advice for festival-goers this summer is to take advantage of the security options such as onsite lockers, even if you have to pay a few pounds for it.

“We would also recommend that people insure their items before they attend, that way they are protected if something does go wrong.”

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