We’ve gotta get out of this place

The kids at Harlequin Youth Theatre are back in action at Eastwood Park this week for Loserville — a ‘Grease for the 21st century’.


Co-written by James Bourne (of McBusted fame) and Elliot Davis, this relatively new show is set in 1971 and follows 17-year-old Michael Dork; a geek/nerd/slacker of the highest order.

Constantly picked on by cool guy Eddie, Michael is desperate for his Ticket Outta Loserville — but when new girl Holly arrives on the scene, the whole place changes for our social outcast hero.

A computer genius, Michael dreams of creating a system that enables machines to converse — while his friend, Lucas, works on a rather familiar sounding novel.

Together with friends Francis and Marvin (and Holly), the IT whizz sets out to change the nature of communication itself — but will rich kid Eddie steal their plans and take them to his father’s computer company?

And will this band of misfits ever make it out of Loserville — or do they even want to?

Harlequin’s production features a cast of 33 aged 14-21 — and if previous shows are anything to go by from this seasoned youth theatre, then Loserville is bound to wow Eastwood audiences.

Catch the show Wednesday-Saturday (March 25-28) at 7.30pm plus a 2.30pm Sat mat.

Tickets are £10-£14, available from www.harlequinyouth.co.uk or 577 4956.