Calls for speed bumps on two Bearsden roads

Concerned residents are calling for speed bumps along Ledi Drive and Bonnaughton Road in Bearsden to slow down drivers.
Ledi Drive, BearsdenLedi Drive, Bearsden
Ledi Drive, Bearsden

One woman posted on social media that she has nearly been hit by cars several times this month at the bottom of Ledi Drive as she made her way to get the bus.

Kate Stewart said: “Drivers have completed ignored not only the red light but also the fact the green man is on.

“One morning a driver who came out of Bonnaughton Road was completely oblivious to this but I had a witness and got his license plate and he has been reported to the police. ”

Angela Canturk said: “I live on Ledi Drive and see this type of driving all the time, especially in the morning. Cars speed up and down with no regard that it’s a residential street. I can’t let my children walk to and from school on their own because of the way drivers behave.”

Sarah Pirrie said: “One day a jeep type car ran the red light and nearly hit my pram. I was shouting but she stopped and as soon as she realised it was the green man she sped off. I didn’t have time to get a reg plate number as I was in shock - she just missed my wee boy.”

Stuart Currie said Ledi Drive needs speed bumps and Anne McCusker wants them on Bonnaughton Road too.

A police spokesperson said: “The local officer has been informed of this problem and will be giving the area extra attention.

“Anyone who wants to report problems with drivers behaviors should contact the police on 101.”