Cumbernauld supermarket introduces parking limits are customer complaints

Following feedback that customers were not able to find a parking space, Tesco Cumbernauld has now introduced a three-hour limit.

Watch your time at Tesco Cumbernauld... Pic: John Devlin
Watch your time at Tesco Cumbernauld... Pic: John Devlin

After several other approaches failed there have been signs in store for some time saying the decision had been taken to monitor parking.

The system is now fully live and operational using state-of-the-art number plate recognition technology to help identify vehicles entering and leaving the car park.

Vehicles which stay longer than three hours will be issued with a penalty notice.

Store manager Peter Mushet said: “Customers have consistently been telling me that finding a space in our car park is a source of frustration.

“In response to this we have been working with our neighbours and local partners to try and find a solution.

“To help us serve Tesco customers a little better, our parking monitoring system is now fully operational.”

A full appeals system is in place for drivers who feel they may have been issued a ticket incorrectly.