Eurocentral based bar popular for its pizzas has had to shut

A warehouse-style pub owned by a home-grown brewery chain has closed its doors at Eurocentral along with five other premises dotted across the United Kingdom, with spiralling energy costs being blamed.

Craft beer firm Brewdog which is based in Ellon Aberdeenshire has closed the Motherwell Hop Hub which is also popular for its pizzas. The company insisted it had no option but to pull the plug on the bar but said staff had been re-deployed in other venues.

James Watt, co-founder and chief executive of the company, took the decision as he believed it would “be simply impossible to get these bars even close to financial viability” in the foreseeable future.

“Reality in the hospitality space is starting to bite and bite hard - the government needs to get a grip, now. If nothing happens, the UK looks set to lose half of its pubs and bars and all the millions of jobs these locations provide, as well as the role they play in communities.”