Bothwell vehicle charging point has been upgraded after surge in demand

A vehicle charging point hub in Bothwell has been “significantly” upgraded after demand surged by five times the average daily usage over the summer months.

The hub, outside Roadchef now offers rapid GRIDSERVE chargers which aim to help those aiming for a more environmentally-friendly drive.

And the motorway service station chain has aims to upgrade the service further still by planning to build charging hubs with ultra-rapid chargers up to 350kW – and has said it wants to achieve that goal “as quickly as possible.”

Mark Fox, CEO at Roadchef, said: “Roadchef is committed to playing a key role in a more sustainable future and our upgraded EV charging facilities are very much a step in the right direction. Over the last year there has been a huge upturn in EV ownership.

"So it’s essential that there is a solid charging network in place on motorways to enable consumers to travel longer distances, worry-free. It means we are fast becoming a destination of choice for drivers.”