Mill owner will cast the flag for weavers

Kevin Nicoll (right) with Weavers deacon Keith RussellKevin Nicoll (right) with Weavers deacon Keith Russell
Kevin Nicoll (right) with Weavers deacon Keith Russell
A Motherwell man has been chosen to cast the Incorporation of Weavers' flag at the annual common riding in Selkirk.

Kevin Nicoll took over the Anthony Haines Textile Mill in 2012, but has so far resisted moving to the Borders full-time.

Kevin says he’s watched the weavers’ flag being cast in the past and thought he would like to do it himself at some point.

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He said: “The common riding of 2012 was my first taste of Selkirk’s big day and I was absolutely blown away by the sense of occasion.

“I didn’t think that chance would come so soon and got quite a shock when they approached me, but I am really looking forward to casting the flag.

“I have had a bit of a practice at it and had to use muscles I have never used before — it’s a very heavy flag.”

At the mill, which produces bespoke Borders’ tweeds and tartans, Kevin employs 13 people.

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His wife Anne is set to be his lady busser at the evnt in June, while their children Mary Ann (7) and Peter (8) have been excitedly telling friends about Dad’s big moment.

Kevin said: “They are all really looking forward to it. We have all really taken to Selkirk, it’s fabulous, and the people are dead friendly.

“The Souters are rightly proud of their common riding. Everything just gets put to one side and they get on with it.”

Kevin will also be joined in Selkirk by family from all over the UK and further afield to watch him cast the flag.

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Incorporation of Weavers deacon Keith Russell is delighted at Kevin’s appointment as standard bearer.

He said: “We are really pleased we could get Kevin to cast our flag.

“His first experience of a common riding was 2012, and even though it was chucking it down, it hasn’t seemed to put him off.”

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