Online community group to discuss the future of Motherwell Shopping Centre with its owners

The founder of a popular Facebook page has been offered the opportunity to discuss the future of Motherwell Shopping Centre with its owners.

Motherwell Shopping Centre

Two years ago Scott Symington created the Motherwell Past and Present Community page, which now has 1,800 members.

Although much of the discussion on the page is looking back on the good old days, very often chat will turn to matters related to the shopping centre.

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This week Scott decided to write to Edinburgh House to ask what plans it had for improving the situation.

He said: “I along with many of the Facebook page members would like to find out why we are being given no choice whatsoever with the variety of shops being let.

“We have more of the same shops in this town than ever before. Two of this, three of that and now we’re getting yet another e-cig shop which I believe now makes three of them. If we had better facilities and investment made within the infrastructure and centre of our town it would be a pleasure to go up for a walk and a gab with friends and family.

“I’m not in this for personal reasons, I’m in it for the hope that the owners are brought to task and step up to the mark to listen to the people of Motherwell and what they want and need.”

After receiving the letter Edinburgh House’s senior asset manager Iain Knight asked Mr Symington if he would be interested in meeting to discuss the concerns about the shopping centre.

Mr Knight responded: “I would be keen to address your particular concerns and hear your thoughts as to what you would like to see in the centre, as well as to share with you our aspirations and plans for the shopping centre.

“My feeling is that the best way to do this would be to meet you at the centre and then walk around addressing the issues and what our plans are as we go around.”

Mr Symington was surprised, but delighted, at Mr Knight’s proposal. He said: “I was kind of blown away by his response, and I’ve already indicated that I and maybe two other members of the Facebook page will take him up on his kind invite. I just hope our thoughts and fears will truly be taken into consideration.”