Fair Trade triumph for Gartconner School at Kirkintilloch

Gartconner schoolGartconner school
Gartconner school
Gartconner Early Years Centre and Primary School were delighted to win Fairtrade and Sustainability category at the Scottish Fair Trade Awards 2021.

The school said: “We work incredibly hard to educate our pupils, parents, and local community about Fair Trade.

"Our projects include cooking and baking with Fairtrade products, Fairtrade coffee mornings, learning about the benefits of using Fairtrade products and how this benefits the environment and climate change.

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"We have taken this message out into the community and have been growing our own food in the school garden.

"This year our plans are to continue our work with Fair trade and achieve the Fair Active award. During COP26 our Eco committee were invited to attend Sustainability Landing site and met with Honduran farmers to hear all about their work making chocolate from cocoa beans and discuss sustainability over some hot chocolate.

"They also had a tour of vertical gardens and brought back lots of ideas to share with the school. "