Lanarkshire Gaelic event now booked in - here's when and where it's happening.

The organisation bringing a Gaelic Networked Community to Lanarkshire is staging an event on Saturday, March 19 in Hamilton Town Hall.

Running from 10.30am to 1pm, The Moray Language Centre aims to build on existing moves to strengthen Gaelic learning at all levels within the Lanarkshire area.

Having previously held events in Glasgow, the organisation hopes to meet or re-connect those with an active interest in the language and will also boast a guest speaker.

There will be a special emphasis on Gaelic in the home, funding for students, tutoring opportunities and the formation of more groups so the language can continue to flourish.

For more information on this special event contact its organiser Finlay Macleod on 01542 836322 or email [email protected]

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