Lenzie mums' sofa creation is child's play

Two Lenzie mums used life in lockdown to develop a sofa which doubles up as a toy to stimulate kids’ imaginations.

Lenzie mums who invented sofa which doubles up as toy

Eco-conscious mums Rhona Madigan and Corrine Spencer were both pregnant during the height of the pandemic and were keen to find stimulating toys that would not clutter up their homes, and that would also be sustainable.

The DOVA play sofa is made of eight specially designed cushions which can be pulled apart and reimagined to create anything from a castle to a cave or a boat, train or plane.

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When playtime is over, the cushions can be quickly and neatly tidied back into a stylish sofa shape.

Sofa that doubles up as a toy

Their product is inspired by the Montessori principle of child-focused independent learning that encourages hands-on and collaborative play. Corinne is a Montessori school teacher.

Rhona, who has a son, seven-month-old Max, said: “As first-time parents, we found ourselves trying to strike the balance between functionality and style, especially when it came to children’s toys. We thought, why not make something ourselves, and the whole thing grew from there.”

Sister-in-law Corrine, who gave birth to son Spencer in July, said: “Like most parents, we wanted to encourage our children into open-ended play.

“We are over the moon with the DOVA sofa. The reaction from parents who’ve seen it has been amazing, but what has been even more encouraging is the response of children.”

The DOVA sofa starts at £385. Visit www.dovaplay.com.