New rankings show which Scottish universities lead to jobs at tech giants

New rankings show how good a chance students at different Scottish universities have of getting a job at a tech giant.

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TonerGiant analysed the path from education to employment to find out which universities are more likely to set you up for a career at the world’s biggest and most valuable tech companies.

Using LinkedIn, the team discovered where more than 500,000 employees of the world's most valuable tech companies studied at university to find out which universities are more likely to get you hired by a tech giant. Analysis looked at 26 of the biggest tech giants including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Where did Glasgow’s universities rank?

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The university in Scotland where graduates are most likely to get hired to work in tech companies is the University of Edinburgh, with 2063 alumni now working in one of the big tech giants.

Company rating: 4.4/5 Feedback: “Truly encourages and cares for development of staff. Challenging environment and colleagues you can look up to. Lots of personal development potential.”

The University of Glasgow came second (1012) with the University of Strathclyde third (881) and Glasgow Caledonian University seventh (492).

The University of the West of Scotland was ranked eighth (406) and the Glasgow School of Art was 15th (62).

How did Scotland rank?

Analysis showed that Scotland is the 3rd most likely region to produce alumni for the world's biggest tech companies, with 8269 graduates of Scottish universities now working for a tech giant.

London reigned in the number one position with a colossal 27,678 alumni now working for a tech giant and Northern Irish universities were found to be the worst to attend if you want to work for a tech giant afterwards with only 620 alumni now working for one of the 26 biggest tech companies.