Our Lady of the Missions pupils become space pioneers

Our Lady of the Missions (OLM) Primary School has helped create improved learning and teaching spaces as part of Tests of Change.

The service is developed by Architecture & Design Scotland to help schools and local authorities across Scotland to create improved learning and teaching spaces which better meet people’s needs.

Solutions are often found in well considered furnishings; addressing specific learner needs or teaching styles and located outwith the classroom within the corridors and spaces beyond.

The pupils embraced this process and delivered significant improvements for the teachers and pupilsof the school. Through collaboration with Studio 42 Design, A&DS were able to outline a strategy of opportunities in changing space to better meet the needs of the school.

Catherine Dillon-Ruddy, headteacher of OLM quickly transformed the school through the introduction of a dedicated STEM space and calling on parents to help construct a variety of learning settings throughout the school grounds.

In realising the possibilities of a better learning environment, OLM appointed Alice Jacobs of Flux Laser & CNC Studio to collaborate with the pupils to design and fabricate bespoke furnishings.

This group came to be known as the ‘Space Pioneers’. This project and the stories of other schools embarking on Tests of Change will be featured through Mid-June to Mid-October as part of its ‘A Year of Timber’ series in Gallery 2A of The Lighthouse.

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