School bullying row at St Lucy's Primary after dad raises fears about his daughter's safety

A father says he has had to remove his daughter from her primary school amidst fears for her personal safety, after claiming that the relevant steps have not been taken to safeguard the child from bullies.

The dad told the Cumbernauld News that he has no option but to take the little girl out of St Lucy's Primary last week after an incident where she was allegedly assaulted.

He claims that this was in fact a repeat performance of an earlier incident which the school had failed to properly deal with, paving the way for it to happen again, and that he has been fobbed off in the process.

He said: "I have tried and tried with the school but ultimately I was left with no option but to send my child to another school. This is despite the fact that she has just a few months left there because she is going to high school.

"I just couldn't take the risk and have had to arrange to get her into another school because she cannot stay in St Lucy's. I really feel that more can and should be done at St Lucy’s to strengthen the bullying policy."

However, Elaine Johnston, Head Teacher of St Lucy’s said: “We will not tolerate acts of bullying behaviour within the school and will investigate any such incidents reported to us.

"We work hard to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for our pupils and will support any pupil or family with the concerns they raise.

"We have in place a robust anti-bullying policy and any parent or carer with concerns should contact the school immediately.”

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