St Teresa’s gets a gold star

A Motherwell primary school and nursery has recently received an educational inspection and walked away with top marks.

St Teresa's Motherwell.
St Teresa's Motherwell.

St Teresa’s Primary School and Nursery Class were graded so highly, that no follow up visits will be required as a result of this inspection.

Some of the highlighted areas noted by the visiting inspectors were that: “The headteacher’s very strong and caring leadership. This is having a positive effect on the wellbeing of children, staff, parents and partners. It is also leading to all members of the school community being empowered to take forward and contribute to key aspects of school improvement.

“The nurturing, highly-inclusive ethos in the nursery and at the primary stages, which enables all children to learn successfully and feel a strong sense of belonging. This is supported by shared values and extremely positive relationships across the school community.”

The inspectors also commented: “The outstanding, inclusive support which is offered to children at the primary stages, particularly those who require significant additional support with their learning is of a high standard. Teachers and support assistants are creative in using targeted interventions very well to meet children’s needs.”

Two minor areas for improvement were identified which were to continue to lead improvements in children’s learning and progress in the nursery class, and to improve approaches to assessing children’s learning at the primary stages.