Cumbernauld drive will tackle hygiene poverty - and here’s how you can help

An optician has launched a campaign to help address hygiene poverty - and it is a topic that it wants addressed to improve the life chances of youngsters.

Specsavers wants locals to donate deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste to its Cumbernauld Centre premises.

And the items will be handed on to a local school where the items are needed.

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The recipients will be in Cumbernauld South - which has the second highest level of child poverty in North Lanarkshire at 29.07 percent - which equates to 1,148 children.

Antonia McNeill, store director at Specsavers in Cumbernauld, says: ‘Hygiene poverty is a heart-breaking reality for far too many children in Cumbernauld.

‘It shouldn’t be the case that local families in poverty have to make the choice between eating and heating their homes and therefore forgoing basic hygiene products many of us take for granted. “

Unfortunately, this is so often the case.

‘I’ve discussed the issue at length with St Margaret of Scotland Primary School.

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Teachers here feel that access to hygiene products will have such a positive effect for lots of its pupils who might not always have access to them at home.

‘They flagged the fact that hygiene poverty can result in pupils being teased.

“It can sometimes cause truanting from school which ultimately has an impact on their education.’

The collection point for donations will be on display instore until Friday April 10.

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