Helping children to cope with tragedy

Fun events help children realise there are others going through the same as themFun events help children realise there are others going through the same as them
Fun events help children realise there are others going through the same as them
The Miracle Foundation believes every child should be able to reach their full life potential.

Following personal tragedy in her own life, the charity was set up by Mariam Tariq to to help support children and adolescents through their loss by using therapeutic play and counselling.

This is turn creates a safe haven for the young people for them to be able to cope with their grief.

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Originally based in South Lanarkshire, the charity moved into new premises in Muir Street, Motherwell, last summer and is now able to offer more services to clients from across the county.

Mariam said: “For many children bereavement can be a very big change in their life, as their bodies are in a constant fight or flight mode.

“I found with my own experiences there was nowhere for children to really get the help they needed.

“We feel early intervention is best and at our support groups children are allowed to openly speak their minds about how they are feeling.”

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The Miracle Foundation has a wide range of different kinds of support for young people with trained practioners tailored to them, either accompanied by their parents or by themselves in one-to-one or group settings.

The organisation also works with other professionals in the private, public and voluntary sectors to help them develop their skills in bereavement support.

A big part of the charity’s work is through the use of therapeutic play.

Mariam said: “The main objective of therapeutic play is the emotional wellbeing of the child.

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“We do this at our support group through the use of play and doing creative arts through which a child can express their feels and painful experiences whether it be through drawing or using their figures to play out scenarios so they aren’t just trying to speak about feelings they don’t understand.

“It’s a lot different to adult counselling where you are sitting talking one-to-one. We will offer support for the adults if they want to see someone, but mostly we are here for the kids.”

This month sees the launch of art therapy for children and drama therapy, and dance therapy for adolescents while a knitting group has been formed for adult who are perhaps feeling lonely to make support teddies.

The Miracle Foundation operates an open referral system offering assessments within a week.

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Mariam said: “A parent or carer can contact us directly if they feel their child needs help through their grief or loss.

“The NHS and schools can also make referrals for our support group.”

For more information email [email protected] or call 07841022576/01698 760 479.

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