Make-A-Wish give Carbrain's Zac a fantastic birthday present

Carbrain teenager Zac Borland won't forget his recent 17th birthday in a hurry.

Zac Borland unpacking his computer from Make A Wish
Zac Borland unpacking his computer from Make A Wish

Zac, who has the rare genetic disorder nephropathic cystenosis, received a state of the art gaming computer thanks to a mystery benefactor and the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity.

Mum Trudi said: “We received a letter, out of the blue, from Make-A-Wish asking for details about Zac. We didn’t know he had been put forward for a Wish and still don’t know who suggested him.

“He initially wanted to go to Harry Potter World in Orlando - but for various reasons that wasn’t possible. A couple of volunteers came to visit and discuss his Wish ideas and he had decided on a gaming PC.

“A couple of weeks later we got a call from his Wishgranter, Dan, and they discussed what he wanted. Within a week Zac had begun receiving parts of his Wish, the gaming mouse and illuminated keyboard. The main PC and monitor arrived on his birthday of all days.

“As a parent of a chronically sick child, firstly knowing someone somewhere took the time to nominate my child for this is overwhelming and we would love to say a massive thank you to whoever it was. Seeing Zac open all these boxes was like every Christmas Day rolled into one. There is no way on earth that his dad and I would ever have been able to give him something like this. He is overjoyed beyond words. In typical teenager style he is now living in his bedroom on this amazing gaming system. My first PC was a 750mb thing which is probably a museum piece by now.

“It’s times like these that saying “thank you” seems so insufficient, but it’s all that we can say to both Make A Wish and also to the person who nominated Zac.”

Zac added: “It’s the best gift ever, I can play games which I wasn’t able to before and also I’ll be able to use it for practical things like school work or college once I leave school. I want to thank the person who suggested me and also to everyone at Make-A-Wish.”

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