Slimming World group relaunch

Slimming World at Broom Parish Church will be relaunching the evening group on Tuesday, September 25.

Almost a year ago Kirsty became a new Slimming World Consultant at Broom Parish Church.

She said: “I am very proud of the members who have lost an incredible 240 stone so far this year, and would like to thank The Extra for publishing recent stories, and also many local businesses who have so willingly displayed my posters during the year.

“By raising awareness of the Group, that meets every Tuesday, at Broom Parish Church, it has helped new and returning members lose staggering amounts of weight, including a member who has lost five stone in less than five months, due to the amazing Slimming World Plan, and the true commitment to their weight loss goal.

Slimming World offers a very special and unique package of support and guidance, that’s been tried and tested for almost 50 years. By losing weight and encouraging members to get more active, offers huge health benefits, including reducing the risk of many cancers, heart diseases, strokes and diabetes, giving members more confidence and self-esteem.

Kirsty added: “I am looking forward to continuing to help change people’s lives, and am very excited to be relaunching the evening group, on 25th September, meeting at 7.30pm.”

Should you be interested in joining the many welcoming members the groups meet 9.30am, 11.30am and 7.30pm, and Kirsty will be delighted to help and support you.

For more information please call or text 07933 250 130.