State Hospital wins award for ‘quality’ of care

The State Hospital in Carstairs has won the 2020 Psychiatric Team of the Year Award for Quality Improvement (QI).
The QI Cafe is one of the initiatives that has been introduced at The State Hospital  thanks to TSH3030The QI Cafe is one of the initiatives that has been introduced at The State Hospital  thanks to TSH3030
The QI Cafe is one of the initiatives that has been introduced at The State Hospital thanks to TSH3030

The RCPsych Awards mark the highest level of achievement in psychiatry, and the winners were announced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists via a virtual awards ceremony.

TSH3030 (pronounced “TSH thirty thirty”) is The State Hospital’s annual QI initiative designed to engage staff and patients and remove barriers to improvement.

Anyone (staff or patient) can suggest an improvement idea, form a team, be allocated a QI mentor and spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days testing their idea.

In November 2018, 23 teams, over 100 staff and 30 patients took part in the first TSH3030. In November 2019, participation grew to 38 teams, 146 staff and 64 patients all actively involved in improvement work.

Teams were supported by a QI mentor and over 20 QI tools were used by the participating teams, as they were encouraged to “think big, test small and act fast”.

The 2019 event culminated in the TSH3030 2019 Oscars Ceremony when 18 Improvement Oscars were awarded with categories including: Best Patient Involvement, Best Use of QI tools, the People’s Choice award and Most Creative project.

Multiple patients won awards and feedback from teams about their TSH3030 experience was overwhelmingly positive.

To sustain and build upon this success, the TSH3030 team has implemented a number of initiatives including monthly QI Cafes and an internal QI training programme for staff.

Dr Pradeep Pasupuleti, chairman of the Forensic Faulty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists in

Scotland, said: “Huge congratulations to everyone at The State Hospital for this amazing achievement.

“This year has been extremely challenging for all of us working in mental health and so it is fantastic to be able to recognise and celebrate successes.

“Hearing about the amazing contribution the team has made is both inspiring and humbling.”

Professor Lindsay Thomson, medical director of The State Hospital, added: “Making TSH3030 happen requires the effort and commitment of a dedicated group of people.

“The team behind it is a multidisciplinary group of staff committed to the constant effort to improve, all of whom provide their time, skills and energy over and above their day jobs.

“The TSH3030 team has led positive culture change and improvement in a whole range of systems and processes within The State Hospital. The team has energised and engaged staff and patients and brought joy in work to many.

“Most importantly perhaps, TSH3030 has given staff and patients the confidence to share their ideas and a method to test them. It has made improvement everyone’s responsibility and a routine part of our daily work. It has been the catalyst for the growth of an improvement culture.”

Gary Jenkins, chief executive of The State Hospital, said: “TSH3030 is an exemplar model of collective staff and patient driven quality improvement which delivers real step-changes in the operational delivery of front line care and treatment for the benefits of all.”