Tenant gets a nasty surprise

The mould found under the kitchen vinyl in Allan TowerThe mould found under the kitchen vinyl in Allan Tower
The mould found under the kitchen vinyl in Allan Tower
A Motherwell man has questioned why North Lanarkshire Council housed him in a flat so mouldy the kitchen floor needs replaced.

Michal Lawniczak was delighted to be offered a flat in Allan Tower a year ago, but last month he discovered a major issue.

He said: “About four or five weeks ago I start do some refreshing of the flat and discovered mould in the wooden kitchen floor under the vinyl.

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“I reported it to the council and a contractor from Mears told me the wooden floor and all the kitchen units should be replaced.

“I assume this mould was the result of a leak during the time a previous tenant as I’ve not had any issues so my question is does the council not care about the condition of their properties before letting them out?

“I’ve been living in this mouldy flat for a year, which could have had implications for my health. Surely better checks need to be made?”

Investment and Repairs manager John Apperson said repair work will take place as soon as possible.

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He said: “Our contractors will be installing new kitchen units and a new kitchen floor at the earliest opportunity when a suitable entry date can be agreed.

Properties are routinely inspected before being allocated to new tenants to ensure they meet the necessary housing standards. Unfortunately, other issues can still occur and should be reported immediately to our repairs team.”