Firm that saved areain ’47 is rescued itself

Cuthbertson/Atlas join together, Biggar Aug 2019Cuthbertson/Atlas join together, Biggar Aug 2019
Cuthbertson/Atlas join together, Biggar Aug 2019
A truly legendary Biggar company credited with saving whole rural villages around Clydesdale during the Big Freeze of 1947 is to plough on despite recent fears for its future.

It has been announced that engineers James A. Cuthbertson – known locally as ”Cubbys” – has been taken over by another concern, ensuring the future of the firm which famously adapted war surplus US Army trucks to carry snowploughs which opened up small rural roads to villages which had been snowed in for weeks.

This feat has been commemorated with a plough monument outside Biggar Municipal Hall.

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Rumours about Cuthbertson’s started to circulate several weeks ago with many fearing that the end of the company founded in 1936 was nigh.

However, an announcement has been made that the neighbouring Biggar firm of Atlas Winch and Hoist Services has bought Cuthbertsons and is committed to keeping its name alive.

A statement from Atlas said: “The deal ensures continued trading of James A. Cuthbertson Ltd as a company and secures the future for this historic brand. The deal provides an exciting future for both companies and their valued customers and trusted suppliers.

“Atlas Winch and Hoist Services Limited provides heavy lifting and pulling equipment to a range of industries with one of the most comprehensive ranges in the UK.

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“The two firms have a long history of successful co-operation, working together for over 20 years and sharing Atlas’ main UK site in Bigga.

“Their combined 13-acre site at Station Road, alongside Cuthbertson’s highly skilled workforce, will provide Atlas with a larger design, manufacturing and fabrication facility to assist them when providing for the global market.”

Atlas managing director, Denis Lavery said:”This deal enhances both company’s offerings in their relevant sectors, although the aim is to operate both companies under their own brands. Cuthbertson brings Atlas a highly skilledworkforce with capabilities and values that complement our own.

Together, we will bring more solutions to our clients, give more opportunities to our employees and create increased value for our customers.”

Cuthbertson’s Operations Manager, Ewan Tolson, added: “The acquisition secures the future of the historic James A Cuthbertson name in Biggar and beyond.”

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