These classic racing games could be worth up to £1,700

The photo-realistic cars and sim-like handling of new racing games like Forza and Gran Tourismo are all well and good but, for some gamers, nothing beats the nostalgic hit of a classic title from their past.

Whether it’s cartoon karting capers in Super Mario Kart, the ground-breaking graphics of Outrun or the eight-bit joy of Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road, there is a lot of pleasure to be had from some retro racing action.

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There’s also some money to be made, according to Lease Car UK, which has looked at how much some of the most popular racing games of the 1980s and 90s will fetch now.

While many sell for similar money to current-generation titles, some are worth as much as four figures - if they're in the right condition.

A spokesperson for said: “If you’re around 25 or older, chances are you’ll remember at least a few of these pioneering games of yesteryear.

“And if you’re lucky enough to have a copy tucked away somewhere, you could be sitting on a significant cash cow. The prices we’ve listed relate to pristine, sealed copies, but even used copies can fetch a fair sum.”

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Here are nine retro racing games and what they’re worth now:

F-Zero on Super Nintendo

Factory sealed copies of futuristic racing game F-Zero can fetch around £50-£60 on average, which is a good deal more than it would have cost to buy when it was released alongside the SNES in 1992.

(Image: Nintendo)(Image: Nintendo)
(Image: Nintendo)

Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road on Nintendo NES

Ported to various consoles from a popular arcade machine, the game sees players compete against each other or the computer across a variety of increasingly tricky off-road tracks inspired by real-life off-road racers. The resale value can be as much as £60-£70 now.

Top Gear on Super Nintendo

Nothing to do with Chris Harris or Paddy McGuinness, this 1992 game let players choose between four cars to face 32 challenging courses in locations around the world. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy stored away, it could be worth as much as £85-£90.

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OutRun on Sega Genesis

OutRun is world-famous for the arcade version’s use of pioneering hardware and graphics to create a challenging 3D environment for players to race their Ferrari through. In the 35 years since it first appeared, it’s been ported to at least 15 platforms but an unopened Genesis/Megadrive copy is worth around £95-£100.

(Image: Sega)(Image: Sega)
(Image: Sega)

Rad Racer on Nintendo NES

Originally released in Japan as Highway Star, Rad Racer challenged players to pilot various sports cars through eight increasingly difficult stages and featured an early attempt at creating 3D circuits. It’s one of the most valuable games on the list, worth up to £210-£220 for pristine, sealed copies.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing on Sega Megadrive

RnR Racing first appeared on the Super Nintendo but also made its way to other consoles. If you happen to have a sealed copy of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive version of this violent racer, you could resell it for about £215.

Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64

Successor to one of the most famous racing games ever, this version used the N64’s processing power to introduce 3D racing to the franchise for the first time. A landmark game and one that is now worth as much as £320.

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(Image: Nintendo)(Image: Nintendo)
(Image: Nintendo)

Spy Hunter on Nintendo NES

Inspired by James Bond, this mid-80s driving game tasked players with chasing down and destroying enemy vehicles in their own heavily armed “interceptor” car, featuring everything from machine guns to oil slicks and ground-to-air missiles. The potential resale value for this one is up to £370-£380.

Stunt Racer 64 on Nintendo 64

New and sealed copies of this futuristic Nintendo classic fetch a whopping £1,650-£1,750, but even used copies are worth around £600, according to Game Value Now.