A star for Bearsden after two-year campaign by local lads

East Dunbartonshire MP, Amy Callaghan, delivered an early Christmas present to two local schoolboys this week when she donated a star to go on top of Bearsden’s public Christmas tree.
Amy Ted and Alexander pictured in front of the community tree.Amy Ted and Alexander pictured in front of the community tree.
Amy Ted and Alexander pictured in front of the community tree.

The local schoolboys, Ted and Alexander, have run a two-year campaign to secure the Christmas decoration. That campaign culminated in the unveiling of the star this week, and speaking afterwards the boys said that it was “better than they ever imagined”.

Ms Callaghan first became aware of the campaign in December 2020 when she received a letter from the boys in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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She contacted East Dunbartonshire Council at the time, who are responsible for public Christmas decorations, but the council was unable to source a star from their lighting suppliers.

The boys did not settle there, garnering the support of the Bearsden Festival Association that helps to organise the Christmas tree at Bearsden Cross.

Ms Callaghan has now paid for the supplier of East Dunbartonshire’s Christmas lighting to produce a bespoke star, designed specifically for the Bearsden tree, and has gifted that to the local community.

The star has been named Ted and Alexander’s Wish and will be placed on top of Bearsden’s Christmas tree every year in the future.

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Commenting, Amy said: “I have been so impressed by Ted and Alexander’s dedication to getting a star for Bearsden’s Christmas tree, and it was amazing to see the joy on their faces when we went to see it this week.

“The boys’ enthusiasm is infectious, and everyone was open to the idea from the beginning, but unfortunately there were a few hoops to jump through. Not least that the Council’s supplier doesn’t sell stars as standard, so they had to knock together a bespoke design.

“It’s been a bit of a wait, but hopefully it’s all been worth it.

"Bearsden’s Christmas tree will now have a star for many years to come, and it will be a shining reminder of the perseverance, sense of community, and tenacity of two local boys.

"This is democracy in action.”