Convention to discuss rural transport

Rural areas are often disadvantaged compared to urban areas.Rural areas are often disadvantaged compared to urban areas.
Rural areas are often disadvantaged compared to urban areas.
Rural communities from across Scotland will come together on September 11 and 12 to discuss the issues they face, to identify opportunities and develop solutions to the unique set of challenges that need to be addressed in rural areas.

Emma Cooper, Chief Executive of Scottish Rural Action said: “Transport is consistently one of the top issues raised by rural communities across Scotland. Urban communities often have the luxury of choosing between modes of transport for one journey, whereas people who live in rural Scotland are often denied choice or have to use multi-modal combinations that might not always be well integrated.

People who live in remote rural or island communities are often unfairly disadvantaged by cuts to public transport and ferry services. This conference gives these communities an opportunity to voice their concerns directly with decision makers and to help find workable solutions and help futureproof rural transport.”

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Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson, who will be speaking at the convention said: “The Scottish Government recognises and values the significant contribution that rural businesses and communities make to our country`s social and economic prosperity.

“We know that transport is key to enabling Rural Scotland to connect with key services, jobs, education, social and recreational opportunities. We know also that our rural communities face unique challenges in accessing transport. That’s why we are delighted to be working closely with Scottish Rural Action to provide rural communities, businesses and other organisations with an excellent opportunity to have their say on our future transport system.

“The Rural Transport Convention is part of a series of meetings and workshops being delivered across rural Scotland during our ongoing National Transport Strategy Review. The review will develop a compelling vision for the kind of transport system we want for Scotland over the next 20 years so I strongly urge everyone to get involved and make their views heard.”

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