Crew cuts it!

Deja Vu Dance, a street dancing crew based in Kilsyth, recently triumphed in Dundee’s Maximum Dance Street Dance Competition.

The group set up and ran by school teacher Vicky Williamson is made up of both girls and boys ranging from as young as three-years-old to 17-years-old.

The group has been going from strength to strength since starting up two and a half years ago. Although they have been competing for over a year now, the Deja Vu Dance group came first in the Maximum Dance Street Dance competition which was held in Dundee’s Caird Hall. The following weekend the group were presented with an additional 32 trophies, ten of which were for first place.

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Leader Vicky Williamson said: “The kids can compete in Duets, Quads, Crews and Theatrical Division’s, many of our kids can also sing as well, they’re all so multitalented.”

Not only are Deja Vu an all singing all dancing street crew they also give something back to the community. Many of the kids within the group attend St. Patrick’s Primary School in Kilsyth and they recently raised £500 to buy an iPad to help their dyslexic classmates with their work. The children of the group also decided to donate £100 to the Kilsyth Civic Week after some of the property was vandalised, Vicky said: “The civic week has been so good to us, it was one of the first places to let us perform, so when the kids were deciding on what to do for the community, it was an easy choice really.”

Such is the talent of the group that even the younger members were bringing home silveware. At a competition in Motherwell, dancers as young as five-years-old were blowing away the judges with their dance moves. Vicky said: “The judges were going wild for the the under sixes, they just found them so adorable because they were so young.”

Vicky also commented on how far the group had come on. “I cant believe how much the group have grown in the past few years, many of our kids came to us with no dancing experience, but now they are winning Scottish titles, it is unbelievable.”

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