Face your fears this Hallowe'en at M&D's

Outbreak returns to M&D's with Night TerrorOutbreak returns to M&D's with Night Terror
Outbreak returns to M&D's with Night Terror
Find out what would happen if you were trapped in your own nightmares and unable to wake up as Outbreak returns to M&D's.

Night Terror is a totally immersive, frightening, live action, horror experience that takes you on a journey through your deepest, darkest nightmares and poses the question #whatareyouafraidof?

It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 29 through to October 29 and Thursdays October 19 and 26, finishing on Hallowe’en (Tuesday, October 31).

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The theme park is also launching Darktober, giving fear-followers the chance to go on five of the park’s rides in the dark as part of the Night Terror experience.

Matthew Taylor, managing director of M&D’s, said: “For the past three years Outbreak at M&D’s has delivered a spectacular zombie experience which evolved each year.

“This year, it focuses on a brand new scary narrative that explores what would happen if you were trapped in your own nightmares, unable to wake up.

“We are confident that Night Terror is set to be the most terrifying in the Outbreak series and we are very proud of the experience we have produced for our customers this year.

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“We would like to invite anyone brave enough to find out just what they are afraid of.”

Night Terror costs from £8 per person and Darktober can be added for only an additional £6 per person or purchased on its own for £10.

For more information about opening times and to buy tickets look online or call 01698 333777.

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