Glaswegians name the worst parts of Christmas dinner - and the results are not that surprising

Who doesn’t get excited about Christmas dinner? Whether it’s the crisp roast potatoes, tender turkey or rich gravy, there is a lot to enjoy about it.

But, let’s be honest, some parts of the meal are worse than others. It’s the items you’ll gobble down first to get them out of the way, or leave till last in the hope you’ll be full by the time you reach them.

A survey carried out by Betfair Casino what parts of Christmas dinner were their least favourite - and the results are not that shocking.

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What do Glaswegians enjoy least?

Brussel sprouts topped the list of least favourite Christmas dinner items for Glasgow.

Bread sauce, cranberry sauce, roast parsnips and broccoli rounded off the top 5.

Bread sauce was named the worst item on a Christmas dinner by UK voters (19 per cent), with respondents from Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and more calling it out as their no.1.

Brussel Sprouts has come in second place with 18 per cent picking them out as their least favourite part, while cranberry sauce (17 per cent), roast parsnips (12 per cent) and cauliflower (12 per cent) make up the worst five.