Nigella Lawson ‘loves lorne sausage’, likes Irn Bru and enjoyed Eusebi Deli food during Glasgow stage show

The TV cook kicked off her stage show in Glasgow last night, and discussed her thoughts on various Scottish food and drinks.

Barack Obama was not the only famous face in Glasgow last night (8 November), as Nigella Lawson kicked off her stage show in the city.

The two hour show, titled ‘An Evening with Nigella Lawson’ saw the famous TV cook discuss anecdotes from her latest hit book, Cook, Eat, Repeat, as well as sharing an insight into how she comes up with her recipes.

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The evening also included a range of questions from the audience, some of whom were keen to ask Lawson about food in Scotland.

When asked about her favourite Scottish dish she quickly replied haggis, followed by black pudding before lamenting how good chips are here. She said: “Being a Londoner born and bred, I am ashamed of what chips in my city have become.”

Nigella was also asked about her thoughts on deep fried pizza, which she ‘had no problem with’ and if she enjoyed Irn Bru, to which she replied she did, but her life wouldn’t end if there wasn’t a glass in front of her now.

She also talked about her love of lorne (or square) sausage and, as a sausage sandwich fan, found it a genius idea.

But it was food from Glasgow restaurant Eusebi Deli that Lawson was tucking into during the interval.

She explained that, as she follows Janey Godley (who is a huge Eusebi fan), she wanted to try their wares when in the city, and she did.

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