Popular West End bakery Three Sisters Bake to close after three years

A popular West End bakery has announced it is closing after three years.

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Three Sisters Bake on Great Western Road will close at the end of April, as its lease comes to an end.

The owners described their time running the Cake Bar as “three very happy years”, with the doors closing for the final time on April 24.

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Explaining the decision, they said: “After giving it lots of thought and even starting to look around at other shops, we’ve decided for the moment not to move to an alternative premises in order to give ourselves time to focus on building the wholesale side of our business.

Three Sisters Bake is closing.

“We’ve had to say no to so many new wholesale enquiries over the past year due to being too busy and we’d love to free up some time to be able to grow this side of the business as we LOVE working with other small hospitality businesses.”