Rick Stein's Food Stories tour of Glasgow: 7 restaurants, cafes and more where the celebrity chef visited on new BBC show

All the restaurants, cafes, and delis that Rick Stein visited on his new foodie travel BBC TV Show, Food Stories, in Glasgow

As part of his most recent series 'Food Stories', celebrity chef Rick Stein headed to Glasgow to check out what people in the city were eating today.

Celebrity chef Rick Stein, 77, tucks into dishes from across the city in his new BBC TV Series, Rick Stein's Food Stories - including 'the best chocolate he’s ever tasted' made by an artisan chocolatier here in Glasgow.

What did Rick Stein think of Glasgow's food scene?

Stein admits that he didn't know a lot about Glasgow's food but does "love the sense of humour and the sort of ruggedness of the people."

He gives a nod to the multi-cultural food scene which has shaped Glasgow over the years and heads to try some of the delicious dishes.

What restaurants did Rick Stein visit in Glasgow?

The show toured the multi-cultural history of Glasgow's food scene - visiting restaurants, delis, and cafes all across the city - we've listed them down below, including what he thought of the food!