All about angles

Even if you hated maths at school, it could be time to brush up on your geometry, as decor focuses on shapes and angles.
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PA Photo/Handout

Lines, triangles, hexagons, chevrons and circles are proliferating in pattern and are a must-have not just for this season but beyond, as they feature strongly in Autumn collections.

“Geometrics are a popular choice for bringing pattern into the home, with sharp, angular designs such as zigzags and graphic prints currently leading the way as favourites,” says Kate Tansley, creative director at 

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“Softer on the eye, circular geometric-style prints are also making an impact and are a great way to introduce the trend into a space and give it a stylish uplift.

“Geometric patterns lend themselves perfectly to fabric and can easily turn functional furniture, like a sofa or chair, into a striking statement piece.”

Of course, geometry isn’t solely represented in print; natural geometry is all around us, and it can be found in furniture design and architecture, so there’s no need to completely redesign your home to add a touch of the trend.

Our love of shape and angle goes back through history, the ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used its principles in their interior design. Today many leading designers use strong geometric shapes, combined with symmetry, to bring a coveted feeling of elegance, order and tranquillity to spaces.

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“Art Deco-inspired interiors, with their characteristic geometric lines and patterns, are enjoying a renaissance,” agrees Karen Anderson, editor at online interiors company, Alison At Home.

“Last year’s Great Gatsby film had a big influence, fashion’s embraced pattern and shapes as well.

“Perhaps more significantly, we’re living through cash-poor times, and the fact that this trend so effortlessly creates a sense of opulence makes it very desirable. If you really want a ‘wow’ factor introduce geometrics in monochrome or gold.”

So forget Pythagoras’ theorem and all that baffles - the correct answer is to sum up your style with glamorous geometric shapes.

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