LAMS show Guys and Dolls hits the right note

Fast-paced musical Guys and Dolls is now being staged in Lanark ...thanks to Lanark Amateur Musical Society.

The Cartland Bridge Hotel doubles as New York City and Havana in Cuba for the production, which runs until Saturday night.

The Gazette was given a sneak preview of the show, which has all the makings of an excellent run.

The cabaret setting is certainly different but if there was any musical where it could be pulled off it is Guys and Dolls.

Director David Goodall and musical director Aidan Broadbridge knew exactly what they wanted from the show and have set out the cabaret setting to combat the lack of a traditional stage.

The show revolves around Nathan Detroit, played by David Miller, who is having no luck in finding a place to hold his floating crap game.

Top gambler Sky Masterson (Alan McIntyre) is in town and in desperation Nathan makes a bet with Sky that when he goes to Havana he won’t be able to persuade a ‘doll’ to go with him.

That turns out to be Sarah, played by Vicki Downie. While Sky and Sarah get more involved Nathan has his own relationship problems with Miss Adelaide (Annie Douglas).

Throw in small-time crooks Nicely-Nicely Johnston played by Hannah McConnell, Bernadette ‘Benny’ Southwest (Claire Foster) and Rusty Charlie, played by Bonnie Campbell and it has all the makings of an enjoyable show.

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