Motivational speaker Steven is encouraging others to live their dream

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A motivational speaker from Shawlands has overcome challenges to live his dream and is encouraging others to do the same.

Steven Mcleish, who is a youth pastor at a church in Thornliebank, plus a spoken word artist, recently released his new video ‘Live Your Dream’ which has had 30,000 hits and counting, in less than a week.

He had big dreams but never believed in himself enough to push them.

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Having moved to Ayrshire from Glasgow’s East End, he attended a church’s youth club in his teens and was inspired to change his outlook.

Steven said: “It was different to most youth clubs in that there would be inspirational speakers from all walks of life from people in the media to people from overseas.

“It inspired me to do more than just exist. I started as a youth worker at the church and also began doing spoken word.

“This helped me with what I was going through at the time.”

Steven began to change his perspective.

He went from signing on to an inspirational speaker, inspiring thousands with his positive message.

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This was no easy task as life would often try to drag him down. However he continued to dream big and strive for greatness.

So how did he overcome the different challenges in life and move towards success?

“Hard work comes to mind, lots of it, passion, focus and consistent vision but above that I would say my faith played a big part,” he said.

Steven went from no dream to living out his dream but he states it’s now about encouraging others to live out there dream.

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He continued: “To those people out there that might be terrified to make the change and live their dream, I would say just do it – take that first step.

“A recent study of people over 95 years old showed that their biggest regret was not taking enough risks when they could.

“So I would encourage people to just take the first step.”

To view Steven’s ‘Live Your Dream’ video, visit Steven’s Facebook Page

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