Personalised playlists bring residents joy

Resident Jessie Bellingham.Resident Jessie Bellingham.
Resident Jessie Bellingham.
Ailsa Craig Care Home in Cessnock has introduced new personalised playlists for all of its residents.

Ailsa Craig’s wellbeing co-ordinator Rebecca Kennedy spends time with each of the residents or their families to find out the songs that are meaningful to them, or just any favourites throughout their lifetime.

Rebecca then creates a personalised playlist for each and every Resident that they can enjoy at their leisure.

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Resident Jessie Bellingham, 96, enjoys listening to her personal playlist, which is full of her favourite hymns, as she has always loved going to church and singing in the choir.

Her playlist also features some Grace Fields and Vera Lynn numbers that take her back to her youth.

Jessie’s son, Robert Bellingham, bought her some headphones as a gift and now she enjoys nothing more than singing and tapping her hands along to the music.

Jessie said: “I love my new playlist and I like to get everyone involved by singing along with me.”

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Kathleen Glasgow, Ailsa Craig’s home manager, said: “It’s wonderful to see all of our residents singing and smiling away to these songs that remind them of their past, it’s really lovely to see how much joy these playlists give them.”