Dogs Trust Glasgow: 14 adorable affectionate dogs looking for their forever home in Glasgow today

From Spaniels to Rottweilers - here’s 14 of the most loving and affectionate dogs you can adopt today

Dogs Trust’s rehoming centre in Glasgow look after well over a dozen dogs at any given time - sometimes having over 60 dogs looking for their forever homes.

Hundreds of dogs make their way through the rehoming site in Mount Vernon each year before arriving at their new family home in Glasgow. Everything from Lurchers to Dobermans to West Highland Terriers - the centre doesn’t discriminate!

If you want to spend some time around some pooches, but don’t have the capacity to take on a dog full-time, you can volunteer to work with the centre as a dog foster carer or in any other role like as a laundry assistant.

To get a dog from Dogs Trust, all you need to do is fill out an application form, after which the team will arrange an appointment for you to come and meet your new pal at the rehoming centre, if both you, the team, and Dogs Trust are happy that you’re a good match, then you’ll be able to come back and collect the latest addition to the family. Even after you’ve adopted a dog the team will keep in touch to check up, as well as offer any advice or support.

If you are considering adopting a dog, take a look through our gallery or visit the Dogs Trust Glasgow website to find out more.

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