Russell gives thanks to live saving donor

The founder of an East Renfrewshire charity is marking 12 years since his life-saving operation.

Russell Macmillan, founder of East Renfrewshire Good Causes, received a live saving pancreas and kidney transplant – an operation which took 10 hours.

Russell continually gives thanks to the organ donor and his christian faith for helping him through.

And he hopes the donor is in heaven looking down approvingly on the 2000+ people helped via establishing of ERGoodCauses thanks to her two organs living on inside of him.

Russell also said: “To have your life saved is miraculous, and to have spent the last 12 years being totally cured of insulin dependent diabetes has been an amazing additional gift.

“After I spent 34 years dealing with the ups and downs caused by the condition, and it is a really hard shift that may only be fully appreciated by other diabetics who have to inject and manage their own condition.”

For more information on East Renfrewshire Good Causes, visit or its Facebook page