Sawney Bean legend brought to life at Cumbernauld Theatre

CANNIBALISM and corruption are the themes for a disturbing new work at Cumbernauld Theatre.

Fresh from a successful run at the Traverse Theatre, David Hughes Dance Productions and The National Theatre of Scotland will be at Cumbernauld for one stop on their 10-date Scottish tour.

Inspired by the bloody legend of Sawney Bean, the 16th-century Scottish cannibal, Last Orders is a journey through caves and derelict nightclubs, portraying a world of corrupted innocence and deception

Director and choreographer Al Seed said: “Last Orders is a series of collages, each comprising a symbolic interpretation of the themes involved in Sawney Bean’s tale. Through an evolution of events, including a birth, a death, story telling and the modern game show, where meaning is felt rather than explained, we have explored the metaphor of cannibalism. This is a show about the body and how its needs, sometimes terrible, can overshadow logic and conscience.”

Last Orders is the second dance/horror hybrid from David Hughes, with the first being The Red Room, which won considerable acclaim in 2009. This production gathers a diverse and international company of performers who use varied dance styles, from breakdance to ballet, to create monstrous characters who dwell in a chaotic underworld.

One of the new team members is Alex Rigg of Oceanallover, who is the costume and set designer as well as a performer. Alex also works on large-scale figurative work for such events as the Wickerman Festival.

The show is at Cumbernauld Theatre for one night only, Thursday October 6, starting 7.45pm. Book tickets, £9/£7 or £5 for under-18s, on 01236 732887.

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