The ghosts of Queen's Park

Everyday leading up to Halloween, we will be featuring a frightful tale from the Southside.

First up is Queen’s Park and the soldiers who still rise to fight for their leader, Mary, Queen of Scots...

On May 13, 1568, the Battle of Langside (which is said to have been the beginning of the Marian civil war) took place at what is now Queen’s Park.

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Mary, Queen of Scots lived a miserable existence during her time imprisoned in Loch Leven Tower.

While living within the tower walls, Mary’s physical and mental health began to deteriorate rapidly, and it is believed that she miscarried twins while she was locked up.

It was in 1568 when she escaped and put together an army of more than 6000 men under the command of the Earl of Argyll to takeover regency from her half-brother James Stewart.

This lead to the Battle of Langside, during which Mary’s army of 6000 strong was defeated by the army of her brother.

The battle itself lasted just 45 minutes. Mary’s troops fled shortly after the battle commenced suffering just 300 casualties. James Stewart held his forces back making sure not to massacre the retreating troops of Mary, keeping the wounded to a bare minimum.

Following the defeat Mary fled to England, stopping at Dundrennan Abbey along the way. She was to never set sights on Scotland again.

For much of the year, Langside’s Queen’s Park is relatively quiet, peaceful place.

But on the anniversary of the Battle, however, it pretty much becomes a paranormal free for all.

Those who have visited the park on the anniversary of the brutal war, have reported seeing the fallen soldiers of Mary, Queen of Scots roaming their former battlefield.

Apparitions move through the park, mainly near the boating lake, as if they were still in the middle of battle, determined to bring the country back to their leader.

Some say that if you listen closely you can hear the sound of the soldiers marching ready to face the enemy. Eerie moans and screams can also be heard as the wounded men fall to their death... only to rise again the following year on May 13...

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