VIDEO: Oldest ring-tailed lemur in the world celebrates 29th birthday at Scottish zoo

A ring-tailed lemur at a Scottish zoo has celebrated its 29th birthday, making him what is thought to be the oldest of his breed - in the world.

Stumpy, described by keepers as “a gentle old man”, marked the occasion by tucking into a massive birthday cake and a fruit picnic with his five sons.

Keepers at the Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian credit Stumpy’s old age to an easy-going lifestyle as most lemurs only live until the age of 20.

Lesley Coupar, from the zoo, said: “He’s not grumpy. He is a lovely gentle old man who is quite slow and it takes him a while to get about.


“He came toddling out as it was rather cold and he had a good go of the birthday cake.

“He had a bit of a picnic along with his five sons. So there was the cake and we put up some banners and flags.”

Stumpy, who has previously lived at Edinburgh Zoo, Gatwick Zoo, London, and Camperdown Wildlife Centre, Dundee, was named after his rather short tail.

Keepers said Stumpy enjoys sitting in the sun and in a heated shelter, but were delighted when he came out for the big birthday celebrations on Sunday.

They said the secret to his long life was most likely a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables and being cared for by his family.

The primate suffers from a little arthritis in its hands, but receives a daily dose of medicine in a favourite treat of banana.

Lesley added: “He enjoys his breakfast and his favourite is banana. He just enjoys sitting in the warmth.

“They have a heated indoor area that they will sleep in and all six of them will huddle together.

“They all stick together and you never see them fighting.

“The public got in to feed him and on our Facebook page we posted that it was his birthday.

“We got loads and loads of messages wishing him a happy birthday because everybody loves him.

“He’s lovely. He’s very gentle, they all are. Apart from the arthritis he’s just a gentle old man who loves it when the suns out.”